"We're a half-hour drive from anywhere, but we're online with AtLink!"

AtLink brings the internet to Oklahoma

Tell a Friend, Get a Month!

Tell a friend, get a month!Since 2005, AtLink has grown because our customers tell their friends and family about our service. We count on you, and we thank you for those referrals by giving you a credit for a free month of service with each person you refer who then becomes our customer.

Tell twelve friends, get a year’s free service!

AtLink Coverage Map

Enjoy unlimited internet with AtLink! If you live roughly five miles in any direction from one of our radio towers, and nothing is in the way between you and the tower, we can probably serve you! More >

In Your Community

AtLink Services is the country’s largest independent wireless internet service provider. We don’t serve the entire state of Oklahoma, but we do serve folks who are within a few miles of each of our hundreds of towers. We are committed to being a part  of each community, and we do that in a variety of innovative ways. More >